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On the Engender is Scotland's feminist policy podcast. It is produced by Engender, and features experts from across the women's sector in Scotland. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a review.


Mar 4, 2019

100 years on from the Representation of the People Act, we're pleased to present a new On the Engender miniseries exploring the history and legacy of the suffrage movement in Scotland, and the barriers which still exist today for young women, refugee and asylum seeking women, women in prison, trans women and non binary people, and women facing domestic abuse. Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you some amazing people talking about Scottish women and the vote over the last century, and where we go from here. 

This episode is the third part of our Vote Centenary Grant Scheme funded miniseries and was recorded live at Engender's AGM at the Grassmarket Community Centre in Edinburgh and features special guest Mukami McCrum talking about the exclusion of women of colour from the histories we tell. In the episode, Mukami mentions a number of African women whose histories we should all know. We've linked to some information about them below (we've used Wikipedia for consistency, but there are fantastic black history resources online so do spend some time exploring them!)

Access a transcript of the episode here. 

This episode was produced by Amanda Stanley for Engender, and the jingle was written by Bossy Love.