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On the Engender is Scotland's feminist policy podcast. It is produced by Engender, and features experts from across the women's sector in Scotland. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a review.


Aug 27, 2018

In the third episode of our On the Engender miniseries on gender and public space, we look at why the internet is a public space for women, and why gender matters online. Host Alys Mumford is joined by:

  • Maxine Blane, Communications and Administration Assistant at Engender
  • Naomi McAuliffe, Scotland Director at Amnesty International
  • Emma Ritch, Executive Director at Engender

Relevant resources mentioned in this podcast:

Public Space - Engender's Gender Matters Roadmap

Toxic Twitter: A toxic place for Women - Amnesty International

Deep Lab - collaborative group of cyberfeminist researchers, artists, writers, engineers, and cultural producers.

There is not currently a transcript for this episode (but will be soon). You can find transcripts for our episodes from 2019 onwards.

This episode was produced by Amanda Stanley on behalf of Engender.

Jingle by Bossy Love.