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On the Engender is Scotland's feminist policy podcast. It is produced by Engender, and features experts from across the women's sector in Scotland. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a review.


Aug 28, 2020

The fifth episode of The Briefing explores the Public Sector Equality Duty and how it (doesn't) work for women's equality.

Alys and Amanda are joined by Engender's Emma Ritch and Marsha Scott, CEO of Scottish Women's Aid. 

Note: Unfortunately Marsha's tech failed halfway through, but we promise we'll invite her back soon!

The recommendations from this episode were:

The Learned Fangirl blog and Twitter, Fangirls by Hannah Ewens, and Sacha Judd's talk on fandoms and STEM.

Marilyn Waring's 'Who's Counting?' film and Ted Talk on unpaid work.

Small Island by Andrea Levy

National Women's Soccer League challenge cup - you can watch the past matches with a 7 day free trial from CBS, or highlights on the NWSL website


Access a transcript of the podcast here. 

This podcast was produced by Amanda Stanley, for Engender. The jingle was performed by Bossy Love.